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Die Frühstückerinnen – a blogazine on breakfast spots in Austria & Berlin

Welcome to „Die Frühstückerinnen“*. It was the love of an acquired habit – weekend breakfast or brunch with friends – that gave us the idea to blog about our experiences. So, little by little, we created a personal guide to the breakfast scene in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg. Since we both like travelling to Berlin, we decided 2 years ago to add our favorite getaway city to our blog. After we posted the first 4 blog entries in 2010 we sent an email to about 100 friends and acquaintances letting them know that “Die Frühstückerinnen” was born, and within 5 years, those first 100 readers have become 70,000 monthly visitors to our blog looking to learn about the latest breakfast tips.

*Frühstückerinnen is a made-up word which means 2 female persons eating breakfast. Like breakfast girls. But we don’t like that term ;-)



Meet the authors

Ebene 44

Barbara Haider is a born Salzburger, and it was 15 years ago that she set out for Vienna – just because :-). The digital world is her vocation; in recent years, she has worked in various industries in the online communications field, and as of late she has worked as a digital media consultant to various companies. However, aside from her boyfriend (and best friend!) Robert, (the coolest!) cat Campino, and music! music! music! her real passion is good food – whenever possible, made from organic, seasonal, local ingredients. She especially prefers Austrian, Japanese and Indian cuisine, but pasta, steaks and salads are also welcome additions to the menu – really, just about anything is.

Her perfect breakfast includes good coffee, oven-fresh baked goods, ham & cheese, egg-in-a-glass with chives, and yogurt with fresh fruit – so, all the classics, but of the best (organic) quality.


Ebene 45Dani Terbu is unmistakably a native Carinthian; she left home at 19 so she could conquer first Graz and then Vienna. There she was able to live her passion (all things digital) at various companies and master offline communications after four hard years of study while she worked. In 2010, she started her own business, and since then she has served her clients from the digital communications field and advised clients from the food service field under the umbrella of the Coolinary Society, all while organizing the largest food blogger event in the German-speaking world. Dani unwinds from the excitement of all this, plus lots of great projects, a boyfriend and 2 kids, by playing piano and doing yoga (not at the same time). On the breakfast front, Dani prefers organic egg-in-a-glass (a rarity in Vienna) and everything that sounds healthy but still tastes good. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

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